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Hi, I am Parita.

Passionate about designing accessible and inclusive experiences. (Here's Why). Pursuing Master of Information with UX Design Major from University of Toronto 🎓

Currently leading the UX Accelerator @CDHI, UofT and improving digital accessibility @Faculty of Information.

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FleetKaptan: An end-to-end tyre management service

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MentorMatch: Task-oriented approach to mentorship

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TakeMyTrash: A pick-up service for your event trash 

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UX Research on Smartphone usage by older adults


Academia into practice.

So much research doesn't translate well into real world. Here's my foray into reading papers and guidelines (WCAG) on accessibility and inclusive design, and attempting to bring that genius out of academia into practice. 


A browser extension tool that can assist in the building of accessible websites by performing tests on checkpoints  based on existing guidelines and certain checkpoints which serve as points of inclusion.


An attempt to explore the perception of industrial practitioners and current practices for accessibility and inclusive design, based in India

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