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 Experiences with technology should be iempowering, not frustrating (My 82 year old grandpa agrees).

Btw, I designed this dress myself :)

India's street markets and small tailor shops on the corners have their own charm 

My Background

I pursued ICT engineering in my bachelors, gaining a breadth of knowledge about IT and Communications. I saw people close to my heart struggling with technology and I knew I wanted to make that experience easier. I stumbled upon the field of UX, took the leap and came across the world to follow my dreams at UofT.

Why inclusion and access?

I was an exchange student in 2015-16 on a US government scholarship (KL-YES) where I was exposed to students from all over the world. That made me realize not everything is designed for all. A feature normalized in one community can be offensive to another community. I understood the gravity of the situation while trying to teach my then 80-year-old grandfather how to use his smartphone, something made necessary by the lockdown forcing digital to be the new norm. (P.S. he is tech savvy enough to videocall me everyday now, so contacting me is at the tip of his fingers :D)

Why sustainability?

I took part in ASEF Summer University - an Innovathon for the member countries of Asia-Europe Meeting that aims to solve the problems in ASEM countries related to UN's Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability. The immersive sessions taken by ASEF team and experts on our problem statement of waste management made me realize the importance of sustainability for our future and got me thinking into how design can shape sustainable technology

What am I upto?
I lead the UX Accelerator at the Critical Digital Humanities Initiative at University of Toronto. I work with Research teams and a DH developer  in the University and empower them to disseminate their research to a wider audience by designing engaging interfaces, which serve as a gateway that leads the user into their incredible research. 
Working on a cool project to make finding locations on campus easier using 360 cameras, ThingLink. I also check for accessibility on Pages on Quercus (Canvas), UofT's Learning Management System and provide technical support to professors when required.
Working as a Social Media and Content Manager at Centre for International Experience, University of Toronto. Responsible for creating and adhering to their brand guidelines, creatives for outreach and branding and marketing campaigns. 
Learning about accessible and inclusive design for an independent research project to design for the marginalised communities. 
Sharpening my skills in Visual Design to be more inclusive, going beyond the practice of embracing minimalism for solution.
Learning about critical thinking in terms of policies affecting the Canadian society and technology.
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