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The creative process

Centre of International Experience, Branding and Outreach

Brief: Make a post with multiple slides with information regarding assistance in case of an emergency for the students on their study abroad programs.

Idea: From the brief of who can the student call during emergency when they are abroad, I decided to make the design similar to different mobile interfaces.

Emergency 6.png
Emergency 4.png
Emergency 2.png
Emergency 3.png
Emergency 7.png

Brief: Make posters and post regarding the deadlines of different study abroad programs and information sessions.

Idea: Since the posters were going to be put up in places with many other posters, I wanted to have a catchy phrase and visuals to draw the user's attention. The posts were designed in a similar manner to ensure cohesion in the campaign.

Poster final 8.png
Japan Programs Deadline Poster.png
Summer Research Deadline Poster.png

Past Projects


A custom badge for my friend's pets - Pepper (the dog) and Fred (the cat)


My self-portrait representing the things I love - music, dance and design!

3 website(1).png
Synapse Website 1.png

Brand Design

Visuals I created in a team of 2, for my my university fest's website on the theme - Play beyond reality


T-shirt designed for Synapse


Digital Portrait


Blank wedding invite designed for my friend's wedding


Portrait of my two little cousins


I (left) and my cousin were experimenting with self photography when we clicked this picture that made me want to paint it digitally.


Sticker Sheets for wedding envelopes for a friend's wedding.


Wedding invite of a friend



Custom illustrations made for "Take My Trash" project. The brief was to design inclusive illustrations, with the outfits, hairstyles and skin tone common to Dhaka residents.

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